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Photo quality:

The quality of your photo defines the final quality of the engraving/lasering.
In general, this means that the sharper, more resolution, more pixels, and Kb's/MBs a photo has the sharper the quality of the lasering/engraving will be.

Therefore, pay close attention to the quality of the photo you would like us to engrave.

The engraving and lasering of your photo(s) is made with constant care and quality. This is due to the fact that it is made in a standard and wise digital method by using our special computers and equipment.
We use a computer controlled and fully automated diamond engraving point with high quality which engraves with 0.15mm accuracy and in different depths.
Our lasering machines also laser sharply and in different layers for the sharpest and best result.

The pictures and examples on our website represent what you could expect if you provide photos that fulfill our requirements

  • You can upload your photos (Max 2 MB) during the ordering process.
  • You can only upload .jpeg photos or send them later by e-mail.
  • In case that you send your photo later by e-mail:
    - send it to
    - Please inlcude your order number on the subject box.
  • In case that you would like 2 faces to be engraved and they are both in 1 photo: could you please then upload the same photo twice?
  • As a standard requirement, we ask for photos with a minimum of 100 Kb for engravings in precious metals and 200 Kb for cristal and mirrors.
  • For mirrors, it is better if you provide a photo with more Kb/Mb because the photos would have to be enlarged.
  • In case that you would like us to scan your photo, it is possible but it has a cost of 4.95 EUR. If you decide to send us your photo for scanning then please add a stamped envolope with the return address written on it.
  • Please add at the back of the photo the order number
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